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Innutra weight loss tipsWhen you get started on a weight loss journey, do you find it tough to stay motivated over a long period of time?

You are not alone…

For many people, when it comes to achieving their weight loss goals, it can be difficult staying motivated and to consistently make the right choices that will get them closer and closer to their goals.

However, there are many ways to change that mindset and to stick to your plan. Here are six tips from the Innutra Prosperity Team to help you finally put an end to the yo-yo, up and down ways of losing weight.

  1. Get a support group. It doesn’t have to be a large group; even a weight loss partner may do. Get around like-minded people that are working towards the same goals of getting healthy and losing weight. This can also be accomplished by joining a community online or even a social group on Facebook or other networking sites. Remember that, if two or more agree on a common purpose, nothing is impossible!
  2. Think lifestyle, not temporary change. Embrace your weight loss journey as a lifestyle change as opposed to a ‘diet’. Make eating healthy part of your daily life instead of thinking of eating healthy only when you want to lose weight. If you are using nutritional supplements, incorporate them into your everyday routines and make it a habit. Everything that you do consistently becomes a habit, so choose to make the good habits that will get rid of the extra pounds.
  3. Document your goals and results. Write down your goals and track your progress. Doing this on a daily basis will keep you focused and elevate your motivation level. You can also keep a journal of the foods you eat so you can look at the decisions you are making. If you know you have to write down your progress, it becomes harder to make the not-so-good choices. You are less likely to go for the cheesecake when you know you have to write down that you ate it!
  4. Reward yourself. When you achieve certain milestones, go ahead and indulge or go buy yourself that new size that you now fit into. As an example, you can choose to reward yourself every time you lose two pounds. And as you move closer and closer to your goal weight, you can make the reward better and better. Imagine the motivation when you know that you have a reward coming!
  5. Talk to yourself. All day, every day. What do you talk to yourself about? Affirm your goal weight and talk about that new outfit you will fit into. For example, if you weigh 160 pounds and your goal is to lose 10 pounds, you could say to yourself in the shower “I am so glad I lost 10 pounds and now I weigh 140 pounds”.  Come up with several present-tense affirmations and repeat them constantly.
  6. Make a list, check it twice. It is a fact that if there are no potato chips in the house, you will not reach for them if you get the munchies. Make a list of all the healthy foods you will buy when you go grocery shopping and do not deviate from the list. You will definitely be motivated to make the right choices if you only have healthy foods to choose from when you want a snack.

For many people staying motivated can be a challenge. However, you will find that, in addition to your own reasons for losing weight, you can gain all the motivation you need by following these six tips.

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